Q: How do I register? 
Register on this site from the main under Reserve Your Cabin or CLICK HERE. You can also us at CALL (346) 314 -7250. 

Q: Are smoking rooms available? 
There is no smoking in any stateroom or suite (excluding Suite Balconies.) Cigarette smoking is permitted in designated; exterior open deck areas, dance club, casino & casino bar. Guests who smoke in their stateroom will be assessed a $250 USD cleaning & refreshing fee on their Sail & Sign account. 


Q: Are payment plans available? 
YES! InConcertCruises wants to help YOU get ONBOARD without having to hurt your Pocket Book! We have 3 available Payment Plans which allows our guests to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out those payments throughout the months. Because we are a single owned family business, it is important to work with guests personally when needed. Payments are manually charged according to the payment plan for safer security. For more details CLICK HERE. 

Q: What does the price of the Cruise include? 
In addition to admission to all of the amazing performances and onboard events produced by In Concert Cruises, all of the standard items associated with a Cruise are included, which include but are not limited to your room with a bed and bathroom for 4 Days and 4 Nights, meals including 24-hour room service (except for meals at the specialty restaurants), non-carbonated beverages (i.e. coffee, juices, tea, etc), use of the ship's beautiful pools, and use of the ship's health & fitness center and all the taxes, fees and port charges as well as pre-paid gratuities. 

Our Cruise Package does not include airfare, ground transportation, onboard purchases (i.e. spa services, specialty restaurants, carbonated and bottled beverages, alcoholic beverages, gift shop, etc), gambling, excursions, or travel protection. 

Q: What happens if I don't complete the full payment by the deadline date? 
Amounts not paid by the deadline date in full will risk cancellation or penalty charges. 

Q: What is InConcertCruises cancellation policy? 

All payments made are non-refundable. InConcertCruises strongly encourages the purchase of Travel Protection. Please inquire at the time of booking about Travel Protection, as certain benefits are time sensitive. 

Q: Can we book airfare & hotel reservations through InConcertCruises.com? 
Yes, this year we will be able to assist you with airfare! We are also negotiating group rates with several major hotels. For more information or to book additional travel call us at (346)314 -7250 or email us at InConcertCruises@gmail.com. Reservations will not be confirmed without your expressed consent and review. 

Q: How do I purchase travel insurance? 
You may purchase travel insurance while placing your reservation online at https://chicanocruise.com/insurance or CALL: 346.314.7250. Insurance is purchased on a per person basis and is based on the amount you wish to have covered. Please note that certain preconditions mandate purchase within 21 days of your reservation to be effective. 

Q: Does In Concert Cruises offer any local transportation to the pier? 
Cruise Hotel Service: For those Guests staying the night before the cruise in one of our designated hotels in Galveston, we provide luggage service and motor coach transportation on the day of the cruise from the hotel to the seaport. Again, Carnival will load your baggage onto the motorcoach, and then, under your watchful eye, deliver it to the porters upon arrival at the port. Call (702) 954.0298 for more information and reservations for this service. 

Q: Can I book shore excursions and beverage packages like I would on other cruises? 
Yes! In Concert Cruises. will provide you with a booking number for use with the cruise line about 4 - 6 weeks prior to sailing. Your booking number allows you to complete your online check-in, as well as reserve other options, such as shore excursions, beverage packages, restaurant reservations, spa appointments, internet packages, cabanas, etc. Please note that the reservation number that is printed on your email confirmation is for use with In Concert Cruises only and will not work on the cruise line’s website. 

Q: When do we off the ship to explore our new destinations? 
Please refer to our Itinerary page CLICK HERE 

Q: When is the full payment due? 
     August  5th,  2018

Travel Documents 

For United States Citizens: 

A valid passport book is required for all travel outside of the United States. Passports must not expire within six months after your date of travel in order to be considered valid. For further information and passport requirements, please visit www.state.gov 

For Non-United States Citizens: 

You must have a valid passport and any necessary visas for travel. Please carefully verify the existing identification requirements for your particular travel situation with your local consulate. In addition, non-U.S. citizens who have previously been admitted to the United States for permanent residence must carry their Permanent Residence Card (Form I-551), commonly known as a Green Card. Resident aliens not in possession of this must obtain one at the nearest office of the United States Immigration Service. 


Visa requirements vary depending on the passport under which you are traveling and the countries being visited. Guests traveling under non-U.S., non-Canadian and non-European passports must check with the Consulate of every country visited during the cruise for specific Visa requirements. When contacting the Consulate for the country being visited, be sure to provide the complete itinerary of the cruise so the Consulate can provide the correct information as your Schengen Visa requirements. Guests may also contact a Visa service agency in their country for assistance.


Is it legal for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba? 

Yes. OFAC regulates travel to Cuba pursuant to the Helms-Burton Act and other pertinent regulations. Currently, there are 12 categories of authorized travel to Cuba. 

People-to-people travel is one of the ways for Americans to visit Cuba and gives you an opportunity to discover Cuba through its people and from a local perspective. All guests will be required to self-certify that their activities meet the requirements above, so you must retain records of your activities whether or not they are offered by Norwegian for a period of 5 years. For additional information on people-to-people exchanges, please refer to FAQ "What is a people-to-people exchange?" above. 

Click here for a document from the FAQ from the U.S. Department of the Treasury covers many of the questions directly related to regulations regarding travel to Cuba. 

Q: Do I need a passport to travel to Cuba? 
Yes. A valid passport* is required for all guests to travel to Cuba. We recommend guests review the passport requirements of travel to Cuba from their home country and that the expiration of your passport be greater than six months from the date of your voyage.

*NOTE: All guests must have a valid passport book for travel. A passport card WILL NOT be accepted.

How do I prove compliance with OFAC requirements during my cruise? 
Will non-U.S. guests be allowed to travel on these sailings? 
*NOTE: All guests must have a valid passport book for travel. A passport card WILL NOT be accepted. for more information on Cuba Travel Documentation.

For additional information on travel documentation required by the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, go to www.travel.state.gov. ' 

If I don't have a passport will Carnival accept my Birth Certificate? 

Where can I purchase excursions ? 
There is a huge mark up with the cruise lines packages but....it's not always safe with the locals. Try this site to check out a few excursions you might be interested in. 
Compare the prices and good luck! 



Q: Is there a cabin that can accommodate 4 people? 

The occupancy limit varies by cabin, some of which can accommodate 3 or 4 guests. Please note that the cabin size will stay the same regardless of how many guests are booked. In most cases, a convertible sofa bed is provided for the 3rd guest. A 4th occupant will be sleeping on a Pullman (trundle) bed that folds down from the ceiling. This guest must have the physical dexterity to climb up to the bunk bed. 

Q: What if I am traveling by myself? Are there single cabins? Can you help me find a roommate? 

Guests traveling by themselves are certainly welcome!  Single guests may reserve any other stateroom and the cost will be doubled (this is known as the “single supplement”). If you are looking for a roommate we can provide a list of names and you would contact them directly to arrange your own partnership. We will help organize the reservation when you both are ready. 

Q: Can I get an upgrade? 

You are welcome to select a new cabin as available.  If the cabin you would like is sold out, please contact us at (346) 314 - 7250 and we can add your name to the waitlist.  If one opens up, we will notify you and you will be charged the difference in cost.